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Sauve Family History

Welcome to the Sauve Family History blog. This is my family history down to my grandparents:

1. Francois SAUVE married Marie MALLERET in Libourne, France.  Francois was a master tailor living in
Libourne, France

2. Pierre SAUVE dit LAPLANTE (1673?-1737)
married Marie Renee MICHAUD at St. Anges de Lachine Roman Catholic Church, Quebec, February 27, 1696
Pierre was born in Libourne, France but came to New France as a soldier in the Company of Captain Dumesni, who commanded a marine detachment.

3. Francois Marie SAUVE (1698-1768)
married Marie Elisabeth MADELEINE dit LADOUCEUR on April 4, 1731 at Ste. Anne de Bout de l'Ile Roman Catholic Church,
Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Montreal-Laval County, Quebec on the west end of the Island of Montreal.  They had the following children:
• Joseph-Marie (April 13 1735 - December 23, 1821) married Catherine LALONDE
• Jean-Baptiste (September 3, 1737 - November 21 1777) married Rose LALONDE
• Charles (March 10 1740 - April 21 1819) married 1. Angelique LALONDE, 2. Marguerite PORIER
• Charlotte (March 15 1742 - March 29 1791) married Guillaume LALONDE
• Marie-Josephte (Oct 4 1748 - May 9 1813) married Joseph PORIER
• Amable Eustache (July 31 1752 - ?) married 1. Marie Louise SEQUIN, 2. Elizabeth PREJEAN

4. Amable Eustache SAUVE (July 31 1752-1839)
married 1. Marie Louise Sequin SEQUIN on January 7, 1772 at St. Joseph de Soulanges Roman Catholic Church, Les Cedres, Soulanges County, Quebec.  They had the following children:
• Angelique 1778 - January 9, 1818 married Antoine BISSONETTE
• Antoine Died March 20, 1854 married Catherine MIGNERON
• Eustache married  Marie Anne BRABANT
• Josephte Marie 1780 married Francois MIGNERON
• Joseph 1785 - February 21, 1856 married Catherine MARTIN dit ST. JEAN
• Martin married Marie Rose LALONDE
• Genevieve Marie married Francois BRABANT
• Jean Baptiste married Genevieve MINVILLE
• Monique 1796
married 2. Elizabeth PREJEAN on October 20, 1818 at St. Joseph de Soulanges Roman Catholic Church,
Les Cedres, Soulanges County, Quebec.  Les Cedres is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River west of Montreal.

5. Eustache SAUVE (1782-?)
married Marie Anne BRABANT on October 18, 1802 at St. Joseph de Soulanges Roman Catholic Church, Les Cedres, Soulanges County, Quebec. 
 Les Cedres is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River west of Montreal. They had the following children:
• Josephte 1807 married Louis LARIVIERE
• Eustache married Josephte Sophie BENOIT
• Catherine married Pierre BENOIT
• Jean Baptiste married Adelaide Desrochers DUROCHER
• Julien married Marie Aurelie LECOMPTE
• Morille Maurice married Julie Angelique QUENNVILLE
• Pierre married Emelie BENOIT
• Angelique married Benjamin DARPENTIGNY
• Esther 1824 married Honore BENOIT
Elizabeth 1827 married Louis BOUGIE. 

6. Julien SAUVE (1819 – 1854)
married Marie Aurelie LECOMPTE (1822-1882) on May 3, 1843 at St. Timothee Roman Catholic Church, St. Timothee, Beauharnois County, Quebec.  Marie was descended from Rene Tsiheme (c.1672 - 1722) a member of the Onondaga Nation, part of the Iroquois Confederacy.  They had the following children:

  • Israel H. (1844-1912)  married Rose LECOMPTE dit LAFLEUR
  • Julien b. Dec 19, 1845 - St. Timothee Roman Catholic Church - d. January 1846.  Buried in St. Timothee Roman Catholic Church cemetery.
  • Hermine (1847-1895) married Carmelle LACOMBE on November 21, 1865 in Ste. Cecile Roman Catholic Church, Valleyfield, Quebec.  Hermine Sauve seems to have died by 1896 as Carmelle LaCombe remarried Elenore Pitre at Ste. Cecile Roman Catholic Church, Valleyfield on April 13, 1896.  In the 1891 census Hermine had 6 children including Israel, Honere ?, Marie Louise, Greffe?, Joseph and Onesime
  • Joseph (1851-1854) - buried in St. Timothee Roman Catholic Church cemetery
  • Esther (1853- ) married Honore de DE REPENTIGNY in the Cathedrale St-Jacque-le-Majeur, Montreal in 1875.
Julien and his family appear in the 1852 Census in St. Timothee' parish in Beauharnois County. Israel is the eldest at 9 years old, followed by Hermine at 6 years, and Joseph - no age listed. Esther is not yet born. Julien's occupation is listed as "day labourer". St. Timothee is located on the Ille de Salaberry west of Montreal in the St. Lawrence River opposite Les Cedres on the mainland.   Julien died and was buried at St-Timothee on July 16, 1854.  In the 1861 census the widowed Marie and the children are still in St. Timothee' parish in Beauharnois County.  About six years after Julien's death Marie Lecompte remarried the widower Louis Lalonde on November 13, 1867 in St-Louis de Gonzague, Beauharnois, Quebec.  Marie died in 1882.

7. Israel H. SAUVE Sr. (1844-1912)
married Rosalie LECOMPTE dit LAFLEUR (1842-1906)– They appear to have eloped to Hogansburg, New York in 1865 as their son Israel Sauve was baptized there in August 1865.  It is possible that there was a first marriage in New York but the one they included in the Sauve Family bible appears to be false as a check with the Roman Catholic Church in Hogansburg, New York failed to find the marriage.  They were married on April 18, 1867 at St. Cecile Roman Catholic 
Church, in Valleyfield, Beauharnois County, Quebec.  The entry in the parish register indicates that the marriage was being rehabilitated as the previous marriage had been declared null and void due to a third degree of blood relationship between them. This meant that they were second cousins with a set of great grandparents in common (who were Pierre Lecompte 1758-1843 and Josephe Martin).  The register entry did mention that Rosalie lived
in Trout River, New York however.  I can't find them in the 1871 census through they were back in Canada and probably still in Valleyfield, Quebec at the time.  They were living in Valleyfield, Quebec in the 1881 census but had moved to Cornwall, Ontario by the 1891 census attracted by the work available in the busy and prosperous woolen and cotton mills. According to Bowering's Guide to Eastern Ontario, "Industrial development in Cornwall's east end flourished with the completion of the Cornwall Canal in 1843. In 1846 the government granted waterpower privileges to operate various mills...Many French Canadians came to Cornwall to work in the mills.  The east end of Cornwall retains evidence of its French Canadian heritage, and the French sector is still referred to as 'Le Village'".  With a business friendly town council in place by 1871 businessmen from Montreal invested in Cornwall.  Workers moved to the town to work in the new industrial operations.  Between 1871 and 1881 the town's population doubled from 2,033 to 4,468.  The Sauve' family made up one of the many French Canadian families that moved from the western townships of Quebec.  So many French moved to Cornwall that they became the largest ethnic group in the town.  The 1901 census finds Israel Sr. living on Third St., Cornwall, in a 5 room wooden house working as a carpenter in a local factory for 8 months of that year for a salary of $350. Israel Sr. would remain in Cornwall until the death of his wife Rosalie in 1906. Sometime after that Israel Sr went to live with his daughter Marcelline in Montreal and that is where he died in 1912. His body was returned to Cornwall by train and taken to St. Columban's Cemetery for burial according to his obituary in the Cornwall Standard. Their first child Israel was born in Hogansburg, New York. All the rest were born in Cornwall, Ontario except for Phillipe who was born in Valleyfield, Quebec.  They had the following children:
  • Israel Hugh (1865-1943) married Susan MCALEAR
  • Marcelline Emila (1868-1957) married James PATTERSON (1865-1946) son of Willam Patterson and Ellen Connell, born in Iroquois, Ontario but living in Montreal, on September 12, 1904 at Cornwall, Ontario. Children - James b. 1908, Roy b. 1910, Charles 1912 in Montreal, Quebec
  • Rose Ann (1869-1872)
  • Joseph (1871-1872)
  • Joseph Wallace (1874-?) married Ann Jane TOLAN in Cornwall on February 23, 1897.  Ann was born in England and was the daughter of George Tolan.   The 1901 census finds them living in Cornwall. His occupation is listed as Music Teacher with an annual salary of $600. They are also in Cornwall in the 1911 census. They had the following known children: Evelyn b. 1898, Laurence, b. 1900, Mildred b. 1902, Stanfield, b. 1904, Madge b. 1905 and Reginald b. 1909. In the 1911 census he lists his occupation as Musician with an annual salary of $624. The family had moved to Toronto by 1929 as he was advertising himself as "Prof. J. Wallace Sauve", music teacher of both piano and violin, living at 624 Pape Avenue, in the Globe and Mail.
  • Julien Modeste (1876-December 17, 1904) married Bertha Paiement on June 28, 1897 in Malone, New York. In the 1901 census Julien is listed as "Mdest". The family is living in Cornwall. He lists his occupation as carpenter with an annual salary of $525. It indicates that Leonard was born in the US and came to Canada in 1898. I cannot find them in the 1911 census.  They had the following children:  Leonard (1897-1947),  Ancel (1902-1942) and Hilda (1903-1924).  After Julian's death Bertha and her son Leonard (who's first name was Israel on his birth certificate) moved to the United States. Leonard served in the US army during World War I and contracted tuberculosis. He was married to Jennie Dorothy Naroleswka and they would have one son, Leonard Joseph Sauve in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. They later moved to Manhattan. Leonard Sr. died from tuberculosis in the VA Hospital in Castleton, New York in 1947.  Ancel and Hilda remained in Canada.  I found them in the 1911 census living in nearby Glengarry Co, Charlottenburg township with their uncle and aunt Edward and Ella Deruchie (?).  Ancel married Olive Quesnel at La Nativite Roman Catholic Church in Cornwall on March 3, 1924. Ancel indicated in the marriage record that he was born and was living in Massena, New York. His occupation was listed as labourer and Olive's was listed as office girl.  In 1932 he married his second wife Alice Weber.  Ancel died of tuberculosis in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on May 4, 1942.  Hilda married Charles Edward Trudel in Cornwall on April 24, 1924. She indicated that she was born and was living in Cornwall. Charles was listed as a mill worker born in Ogdenburg, New York but living in Cornwall.   Hilda died in Cornwall a few months later on November 17, 1924 of tuberculosis.  
  • Mary (1878-1905)
  • Phillipe John (1880-1954) married Margaret Jane MCGILL in Toronto at St. Basil's Church on May 29, 1911. According to the Toronto Star, Margaret was the daughter of Bernard McGILL of Union City, Indiana, USA. The priest was the Rev. Robert McBrady, cousin of the bride. They lived in Texas for a number of years but must have moved back to Indiana sometime later as Phillipe died in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1954.  They adopted a son Roy.
  • Rose Ann (1883-1885)

8. Israel Hugh SAUVE Jr. (1865-1943)
married Susan MCALEAR (1865-1949) on September 23, 1891 at St. Columban Roman Catholic Church, Cornwall, Ontario. The present church was completed in 1896 so they would have been married in the church that was completed in 1864.  

Source:  An Historical sketch of St. Columban's parish, Cornwall, Ont.: commemorative of the opening of the new church, June, 1896

Susan is descended from Patrick MCALEAR who emigrated to Canada with his wife Ann MCILRONE. Israel was born in Hogansburg, New York in 1865. Susan McAlear was working in a cotton mill in Cornwall in the 1891 census.  I suspect that Israel was working at the same mill and that is how they met.  In the 1901 census the family is living in Cornwall on Third St close to his parents. He lists his occupation as a carpenter working in a factory with an annual salary of $900. They are still living in Cornwall in the 1911 census. Israel Jr. list his occupation as "Foreman"(?) and his annual salary as $1,260. He also indicates that he has $3000 in life insurance for which he pays an annual premium of $49. They must have moved to Toronto later that year as Israel Jr. appears in the Toronto City Directory for 1912 as a "carpenter" living at 24 O'Hara Avenue. Israel Sauve came to Toronto to work on the construction of St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church on Roncesvalles Avenue.  He would later move to 210 Fern Avenue nearby.  Later they moved to 225 Geoffrey Street by the 1920s and then sometime later to Indian Grove just north of Bloor Street West.  They had the following children:  
  • Grace Mary (1892-1923) married Frederick Lee GAWLEY (1895-1961) on August 21, 1921 at St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church in Toronto – Grace died at childbirth and her son Fred was adopted by her parents.  Even though he only lived in the United States for a few weeks Fred would be drafted by the United States government in WWII and served in the US Merchant Marine.
  • Hugh James (1898-1918) - On August 1, 1917 he saved Queenie Kelly from drowning off Centre Island in Toronto harbour. As a result he was awarded the Royal Humane Society Bronze medal. The Society was founded in England in 1774 by Doctors William Hawes and Thomas Cogan for the purposes of providing first aid to those who were drowning, and resusitating those who had drowned. The medal was presented to Hugh by Toronto Mayor Tommy Church in the Council Chamber of Toronto City Hall on November 20, 1917. On a more personal note Queenie presented Hugh with a bible with the inscription "The Bread of Life to one who saved life". He died of TB of the left lung on December 7, 1918 in Philadelphia, United States where he had gone to take up a new job in the Shipbuilding Department of Reid, Shaw and McNaught, Insurance Brokers. His remains were sent back to Toronto and stored in the dead house in St. Michael's Cemetery at Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue West. Before the funeral on December 10, 1918 my grandfather (Lloyd) went with his father to identify the remains for the burial at Mount Hope Cemetery further up Yonge Street. 
  • Lloyd George married Kathleen Marie SHIPMAN on April 1, 1929.
  • Helen Marie (1908-2000) - never married.  Helen and her sister Doris lived in the family home on Indian Grove north of Bloor Street West after their father died in 1943.  They continued to live in the house until it was expropriated by the Toronto Transit Commission for the construction of the Bloor-Danforth Subway in the 1950s.  Helen and Doris then moved to Connaught Avenue in Willowdale (Toronto).
  • Doris Ann (1910-1972) - never married

Tombstone of Israel Sauve' and Susan McAlear with children Hugh, Grace, Doris and Helen
Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto
© Michael Harrison 2010

9. Lloyd George SAUVE (1900-1982)
married Kathleen Marie SHIPMAN (1906-1982) on May 5, 1929 at St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church, Toronto, Ontario.
Lloyd attended De La Salle Institute in Toronto.  I have a photo of him in class about 1918.  When he finished High School he worked with his father Israel as a carpenter.  For a brief period of time he went to live in Detroit with his former brother in law (his sister died in 1923) working as a butcher.  He entered the US on May 24, 1923.  I found a Lloyd Sauve boarding at the home of Frank Allyn at 11669 Mendota Avenue, Detroit in the 1928-1929 Polk's Detroit City Directory. Could this be him? But what he really wanted to be was an opera singer.  He even recorded a record (which is now lost), however he felt that his voice was not strong enough.  He returned to Toronto and met his future wife Kathleen Shipman at a party.  She had actually gone to the party with Dr. Lloyd, a dentist, but while at the party someone told her to come and meet someone who had just moved from Detroit.  They would be married in 1929.  Lloyd began working as a carpenter again.  In the early 1930s he worked on Maple Leaf Gardens.  Later he moved to Lakeview in Toronto Township (present day City of Mississauga) where he built houses.  They lived on the south side of Curzon Avenue.  When WWII started in 1939 he went to work for Victory Aircraft in Malton (as did his father Israel).  In the mid 1940s Lloyd and Kathleen moved to Mimico so their children could attend the local Catholic School (St. Leo's).  They purchased
159 Stanley Avenue from the Telfer family (Treasurer of the Town of Mimico) and lived there for over 40 years with their large family of 11 children. When the war was over Victory Aircraft closed (the plant was sold to A.V. Roe and Co. Ltd.) and Lloyd went to work for the Separate School Board in Toronto.  He worked there before retiring in 1967.  Their home in Mimico remained in the family until their deaths in 1982. It was sold shortly thereafter.

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  1. Please check out my Facebook page Wood-DuBois Family of Quebec Canada. Francois SAUVE m. Marie MALLERET in Libourne,
    Are in my ancestry!

  2. After closer examination of my Sauve ancestry we are related your grandfather Francois Marie Sauve dit LaPlante his brother Pierre Sauve who married Marie Louise Ranger those are my grandparents!